06 May 2012

On several occasions over the last few weeks I have had a new sensation of not actually knowing where my youngest is.  She is now venturing away from me and starting the next chapter of her life.  I remember this vividly with my oldest.  It seemed so odd for me, but made me feel so proud that he was ready to move on and be more independent.  I have always endeavoured to ensure that I do not push my children to do anything that I can see makes them unhappy and to create an environment for them to grow, learn and explore at their own pace.  I will never know if I have got this right but I do hope so.

She is now occasionally playing in a different part of the house to me.  We have a regular play date one day a week at the same house, we have been going there for over six months.  In the last couple of weeks she has spent time playing with other children rather than me, in a place where she cannot see me at all.

I am sad and happy at the same time.  My little one is growing up and finding her place in the big wide world.

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