We have been mainly................

07 May 2012

spending time again as a family this week.  However I have not been able to work what day of the week it was on any day, I had to look at a calender on one day as I did not have a clue!

We started the week with our usual trip into town for shopping and a trip to the library.

The following day we had our regular play date with friends.  The weather was just about good enough for outside play, bit showery and cold tho.  One of my friends children was a changed person after having had some cranial sacral therapy.  I could not believe how calm he was, it was an unbelievable difference and, so positive for him and his lovely mama.

We also met up with friends the next day, we had lunch with them before going off for a walk along an old railway line.  Our friends took bikes, we took scooters.  My oldest is not interested in riding a bike at all.  It was a lovely warm afternoon with loads of beautiful spring flowers.

We had a day at home following this, much time was spent playing with lego and a farm set with buildings, fences, animals and machinery, the day just disappeared.

Went to a Scarecrow Festival with friends on friday.  Was not sure what to expect, I have heard lots about these but never visited one.  It was great, some were really funny.  The themes were varied, but as you would expect, mostly about major events of the year, austerity, olympics and the jubilee.

Over the weekend we had time in the garden planting the potatoes and starting to harden off various seedlings.  I forgot about them on the first night so they had a shock start!  We have had a frost overnight this week so I hope they don't all die of the cold.  We also went for a walk in a local wood to collect wild garlic leaves.  We got a huge crop which I have made into pesto.  It smells delicious and cannot wait to try it this week.

Wild Garlic Pesto recipe
100g Wild Garlic leaves
50g Nuts (I used walnuts and sunflower seeds)
50 - 100g Olive oil
50g hard cheese finely grated

Put the leaves, nuts and some of the oil in the blender and whizz, add more oil if you prefer your pesto runnier.  Stir in the cheese.

Put into a sterilised jar and pour oil over the top.  Each time you use the pesto stir in the oil, use the pesto and then pour more oil on.  I have also frozen a large quantity to use at a later date.


  1. So lovely to read about your week, lots of fun! I have decided to make my family blog private, but would be happy to send you an invite to read, as I really enjoy your blog. Just send me your email and I can send you one. Gina.Sewell@aol.com x x

  2. Thank you Georgina, I will send you an email :)


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