08 August 2012

I am joining in with Ginny, Jonny  and friends for this weeks sharing of knitting and reading.

On the needles this week is the last section of the hooded cardigan I was working on last week.  I am in the middle of picking up the stitches around the hood edge.  Once the border is complete I need to sew on the buttons and it is complete.  The buttonhole border was a nightmare I picked up enough stitches but managed to knit the rib the wrong way round, so unpicked and managed to drop stitches in the middle, so had to undo the whole lot and start again!

This week I am reading The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford.  I discovered this book in a charity shop recently.  I am a regular listener to his programme on the radio More of Less which is an exploration of numbers and statistics used in political debate, the news and everday life.  I managed to complete two university courses, which were business related, without really getting to grips with the world of economics.  So far this book has been interesting, although I am not sure it will make an economist out of me!


  1. I have done the wrong way round thing with the ribbing but after picking up and knitting more than 150 stitches I couldn't bring myself to go back so I just hoped it looked like the extra bit was supposed to be there! I admire your perseverance for going back.

    1. I had half the number of stitches, if I had had 150 I think I would have done the same as you!


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