07 August 2012

I made some fritters during this past week using soaked black eye beans.  I had not made them in ages and remembered that last time I made them the children loved them and there were none left.  It was the same this time.  You need to remember to soak the beans overnight as you will be using the raw soaked beans.

Black eye bean fritters

225g dried black eye beans
55g chopped onions
Freshly ground black pepper
Pinch cayenne pepper
Oil for frying

Soak the beans in plenty of water in a large bowl for at least 16 hours.

Drain the beans and put them back in the bowl with fresh water.  Rub the beans between your fingers to loosen any skins, you may not loosen them all.  Leave the stubborn ones, remove the floating skins.

Drain the beans and place in a food processor with the chopped onions and peppers.  Process on a slow speed, stopping to push the mixture down with a spatula.  Process until you have a grainy paste. Slowly add 5 tablespoons of hot water, processing all the while until you have a paste of dropping consistency.  It will remain grainy.

Heat the oil in a frying pan, when it is hot drop teaspoons of the mix into the oil and fry.  Fry until golden brown and turn.  Remove to a plate and continue cooking until all the mix is used up, you will need to stir the mix each time.

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