08 August 2012

We have been on a wonderful day out with friends today.  We meet up with them every week and this  week we were organised enough to plan a dry and wet day out.  The weather forecast was looking good for today so we planned on meeting up for our dry day plan.  We met in local village and travelled together in our car.  We were heading for a Buddhist Temple which had grounds to explore and a beach.

The temple is built next to a building which has an interesting history dating back hundreds of years.  There was a priory on the site of which there are no remains.  The building there now is a romantic gothic mansion which has been restored by the buddhist community after being neglected and unused for four years.  This building is used as a retreat centre and also a cafe and shop.

The temple itself is modern, built in a walled garden.  We spent some time inside, the children thought it was beautiful and spent some time just sitting and looking at the Buddhist statues and the beautiful artwork.

We fetched our picnic from the car and walked through woodland down to the beach where we spent much time eating and playing.

We returned home happy and tired, the weather was really hot all day a much welcome change from the cloud covered sky we have had for weeks. We have not seen so much blue sky for weeks.

I just loved this gargoyle over the main entrance to the building!

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