26 July 2012


I posted on here a few months ago that I felt like I was moving to a different beat to my eldest child. That we were bumping along together. We still have the occasional day when I feel like I am not connecting with him until recently when I read on a lovely blog about leaky cups. Lawrence Cohen who wrote Playful Parenting talks about attachment parenting using the metaphor of filling and refilling a cup. The caregiver is like a reservoir for the child, who will come to you for a refill when they need it. Sometimes the cup can leak, so a refill is not enough, the cup is not replenished enough so they come back for more and more until it is filled.

Since reading this I have realised this is what is my problem. I am not meeting the needs of my eldest and his cup has started to leak. Knowing what the problem is just the start but I hope I can now find a way for us both move to the same beat.

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