A Peek into my Day

29 June 2022

Outside my window it is overcast, the sky is heavy, the cows are lying down suggesting that the rain forecasted is most likely to fall some time soon.  I don't mind a bit of rain at this time of year as it saves me having to water my garden and ensures our water butts are kept full for those times when watering is needed.

Around my house it is moderately tidy.  I had a bit of a purge on the tidying front today, I even got the hoover out to clear the particularly bad corners, I don't have much carpet in the house so it rarely makes an appearance.  It is amazing how much time we spend moving things, from one place in the house to another, which is all that tidying is really, isn't it?

We have had two big fundraising events this month and have another four next month  I am thankful for the generosity of everyone that is supporting us, we are already passed the halfway mark.

I finally got my jumper knitting out of its bag where it had been slumbering, ignored by my fundraising knitting, I am creating dishcloths still, I now have fifteen, but the jumper now has a complete body and half an arm.  Hopefully it will be ready for the Autumn!

We are doing a garage sale fundraiser on our drive this weekend  and I am hoping the weather is dry and folks wander down to our end of the village.

Life is pretty full at the moment and I am thinking about a lot of different things, I am just about managing to juggle everything to keep things ticking along, only occasionally dropping a ball.

Quiet and still time, busy resting is still a feature despite my busyness I am loving this time even when it amounts to a few moments here and there on some days.  The intention is always there.

In my kitchen I have a tin full of leftover unsold cake from last weekend's fundraising efforts,  my comfrey salve continues to steep, my sourdough keeps doing its thing, I currently have a leaven bubbling away ready for making pizza dough for tomorrow nights tea, it is all very tidy,  I am finding I need to keep the kitchen like this when I am busy, I find it easier to keep on top of things. 

Later I am going to take Alice to her home ed gymnastics group, we will do a bit of supermarket shopping on the way.  We have perfected the art of whizzing around the supermarket in twenty minutes, I buy as little as possible in there, preferring instead to support our local independent shops for most of my food shopping.  We stick to the list, which works most of the time until you forget to put something crucial on the list!

I was listening to an interesting interview on a Podcast this morning, the interviewee studied Economics at university 30 years and mentioned that the courses have changed little at his alma mater and many other similar institutions, the natural world, the biosphere, the environment is still not included in the curriculum,  I am pondering that and its ripple effect.  Is it any wonder we have so many resistant to making changes to support the climate.

I have noted the times of the new moons in my diary,  and I am remembering, the importance of being in tune with the lunar cycle, to make sure that the seven days surrounding a new moon need to be kept as quiet as possible.  I have realised this year that around that time I need to be quieter and have more stillness in my life, otherwise I become too exhausted.  

I have read a lot, for me, this past month at the moment, I am reading Mothers of Invention by Katrine Marçel.  You can listen to an interview with the author here, it inspired me to buy the book.  I have also read Devotion by Hannah Kent, my third book by this author, I have loved them all, and Land by Simon Winchester who went to school with my Dad.

I was on the receiving end of rude and unkind words last week, I am wondering why they wrote them.  I think they must be hurting themselves in some way and have tried to give that hurt to me, I am unable to receive it as it will not help either of us.  I am unable to continue working with them, as they do not think there is anything wrong with the words they used, I am fortunate that I am able to collaborate with someone else.

Much as it is hard to deal with situations like the one I mentioned above I am learning that it is possible to find a way through the pain they cause me by not taking it personally and recognise that the other person is the one that is hurting and I cannot help with that unless they recognise it in themselves.

I am looking forward to the end of July when I am hoping my life will quieten down a little.  My diary is looking wonderfully empty and I am going to work hard to keep it like that,  I am wanting a little more spontaneity in my life and there does not seem to be any room for that at the moment.

I am wearing navy leggings, a short pink skirt, a navy linen top, navy trainer socks with white spots and a hand knit pale pink jumper, it is cooler again here today so the socks and jumpers are back out.

Every weekday morning as I potter through the house doing my daily housework I am listening to whatever Podcast takes my fancy.  I love that you can create your own radio station, I used to be an avid BBC Radio 4 listener but I cannot remember the last time I switched the radio on.  I would not be without my Podcasts now.

I heard some wonderful words on a Podcast recently, my favourite quote for the moment, 'the thing that screws us up the most is the picture of how it is supposed to be, what if we deleted that, the idea of that and we just looked at what is and found it to be enough'.

A Peek into my Day


  1. You have such a lovely view from your window, it's nice to have something to look out on which will change with the seasons. I'm sorry to hear that someone was unkind to you last week, I think you're doing the right thing in staying away from people who treat you in this way. It's so easy to take things to heart but, as you say, that doesn't help anyone.

  2. This was so lovely to read -- though I'm exhausted just reading about your busy schedule! I'm glad you find time for quiet and stillness...which is probably why you can keep pace when things get busier. I'm sorry you had to deal with someone being hurtful -- that's hard to take, even with the best, most objective mindset. We're still human and we still have feelings. And I'm all for deleting the picture of what things are 'supposed' to look like. That's tripped me up more times than i care to remember!

  3. I am exactly the same with the radio. I almost never listen now, just pick the podcasts I like. I have just in the past few weeks started thinking about the moon. Interesting what you say about the new moon, I shall pay attention and try to have less on. Sorry about the unkind words, that is never okay and I'm glad that you are able to cut them out of your life. Sourdough in the kitchen here too, also my first ever batch of miso which I am going to try soon. Fingers crossed! Hang on to that quieter period in July if you can! CJ xx

  4. "I am unable to receive it"...I love that! Such a dignified, calm way of facing down that kind of incident. People are on such very short, intolerant fuses these days, there's a lot of negativity flying around.
    I always find I'm better for a new moon. I feel less stretched thin, less overwrought. So much so that I slightly dread the full moon, but I don't really know why that is.
    It's been cooler here too - I have embraced the return of big socks and long sleeves with whole hearted eagerness!

  5. love these posts! Do you have a book or website to recommend on lunar cycles, I'm intrigued. I'm excited for you slow end of July days - that will be nice to enjoy.

  6. This is so lovely to read. I am sorry about the unkind words. I feel like people have become more unkind and rude these days. But you seem to have found the right way to handle it.
    I love that quote. It's exactly what I've been struggling with for a long time.

  7. I love spontaneity, but you're right - to feel like there is time for spontaneity, we do need a certain amount of wiggle room/white space in our schedule. I'm just finishing a very busy family holiday and I'm just...so, so ready to have some white space again. As lovely as "vacation/trips" are - I find they tend to run my down emotionally and physically.
    Sorry about the negative person/comments in your life. I'm proud of you for moving on and making the necessary choices to not be brought down by their negativity.

  8. I also would like to hear more about how you live with the moon. I have spent the last couple of years learning to pay attention to moon cycles. I garden by the moon, and I feel very drawn to her beautiful energies. Can you speak more (if you want to) about they whys of slowing down around the new moon?

  9. I really like that last quote. How true it is, and how much more calm we would be if we remembered those words. I hate that someone was unkind to you, but you are right--the hurt is with them, not you. I learned that while working as a librarian, usually the most upset patrons came in with something on their shoulders. So I was kind and helpful, and listened and they usually went away a bit better than when they came in. It doesn't always work, though, sometimes their load is just too heavy and deep.

  10. How interesting about the moon, I only feel it's presence when it's full when it always has my teeth on edge.
    Your reading sure sounds interesting, I'll be checking some of those books out. Yes people in pain often lash out, I'm glad to hear you're not reacting. Loving that quote and a peek into your day as always, your outfit sounds lovely! Snowbird. xxx

  11. I have issues with the moon, being part werewolf and all ;) No seriously, I need to rota in 'no action' days for the month - it is a necessity. Interesting about the Economics graduate. I know out local university campus (Falmouth Uni and Exeter Uni combined) really encourage environmental thought, with courses in renewable energies, sustainability design, conservation etc. They also write modules it into their Business degrees. It is shocking to think a syllabus wouldn't change in thirty years :0 :0 :0 Fantastic quote at the end x


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