01 April 2013

This week has been one of ups and downs, of getting lots done but with added disappointments.

Our library visit yielded lots of books on animals both stories and fact books this is the children's latest interest following a visit to a local wild animal park.  We have spent the week reading all these books and learning lots of fascinating facts and we watched  a wonderful programme on iplayer about ecosystems.

We met up with our friends as usual on Tuesday, we were celebrating the birthday of one of the mamas so we all bought food to share which we sat around eating whilst drinking tea and putting the world to rights.  I have come to love these get togethers and miss them on the rare occasions that they do not happen.

The next day we joined a home ed group for ice skating which was great fun, I have not been for years so was a little rusty, the children loved it enough to want to go back in a months time.

The rest of the week was spent at home which was not the plan.  I had been contacted by some friends who I was a school with to let me know that they were coming on holiday very close to where I live and could we meet up.  It was such short notice that I pondered replying, first of all I had a busy week and secondly why were they contacting me so late in the day.  There were six of them coming, it was Easter and the area I live is a popular holiday destination they must have booked this holiday weeks if not months ago did they really want to meet up.  I did reply and suggested Friday and Saturday as they were the only days I could free up and duly cancelled my existing plans.  I heard nothing in reply as the week went on and texted on Thursday evening to find out what they wanted to do.  I had a reply on Friday afternoon to suggest they could come over the following morning, great I thought, did they want lunch?  No, they could only stay for about an hour and they had other plans for the afternoon.  I was both hurt and baffled and told them I would prefer to spend more time with them, that was not possible I was told.  Friends are important to me, I want to spend time with them, quality time.  I have not seen these friends much in recent years they are always so busy, they live where we grew up, an area I visit several times a year.  They have never visited my house and I have lived in it for ten years.  I believe that we can find the time to do the things we really want to do.

We had also had plans to have lunch with friends on Sunday, sadly this was not to be either.  Unfortunately, whilst out walking, one had fallen and broken their wrist and needed to go into hospital for an emergency operation which thankfully went well.

Our imposed house time was, in the end, productive.  It was a dry few days so I got lots of washing done.  I finished knitting two projects.  I made a case for my knitting needles. I finished off a curtain for one of the bedrooms.  I hoovered and tidied the house.  We played in the remaining snow outside and a visit to the polytunnel revealed green shoots our lettuces had germinated!

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