02 April 2013

I have been slowly amassing a collection of dpn's ( double pointed needles) over the last couple of years.  I have kept them in the same bag as my other knitting needles or in a project bag, loose, as a result I keep losing them.  When reading posts on blogs I kept spotting the different ways that other knitters stored these needles and wanted to make something to store mine in, a specific bag for them.  When you buy dpns they sometimes have a size printed on them which wears off soon after you start using them, in order to work out which size I needed for a project I always had to get them all out of the bag of needles and use a needle gauge to find the right ones.  So I needed a bag which would keep them all together and allow me to group them by size.  I liked the roll up cases that I had seen for storing knitting needles, pencils, paint brushes etc and decided to use that design.

I worked how wide I wanted it to be and cut three pieces of fabric, one to make the pockets, one as a the back and the other as a flap all the same width.  I worked out the lengths for each piece, the back was longer than the longest needle I had, the pockets were about 2/3 of the length of the same needle and the flap was roughly the same so that it overlapped with the pockets.  I doubled all these lengths.

I first sewed the open edge of the pocket piece to the folded edge of the back piece then folded the pocket piece over so it lay flat on the back piece.  I had worked it where I needed the stitching for the pockets to go and stitched the pocket flap to one thickness of the back piece as I did not want the stitches to be visible on the back of the case.  I next sewed the open edges of flap piece to the open edges of the back piece to give me one long piece with a seam in it.  I turned the whole thing so that the right sides were together and pinned up the whole of one side including a ribbon and sewed that seem.  I then did the same with half the seam on the other side, to allow me to turn the whole thing back to the right way out.  I hand sewed the rest of the seam and another piece of ribbon and my case was complete.

Joining in with Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On.


  1. That's such a fab idea, I'm always having to find and measure my dpns before I can use them too.

  2. Fantastic idea, and it looks great. I have the same problem with loosing needles and the numbers wearing off. I think my limited sewing talents might just stretch this far!
    Thanks for the tutorial.


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