11 April 2013

The last few days have been warm, warm enough that you can pop outside without four layers of clothing, perhaps spring is now coming it has been slow to arrive this year.  At the beginning of last month I sowed several seeds in my polytunnel, it was not particularly cold at that point but as the month wore on it got colder and colder and the frost and snow kept coming until the last few days.  Every few days I have been to check my seeds, watering them when they got dry wrapping them up in horticultural fleece against the cold and my patience has paid off.

This morning I went to do my usual watering and discovered that everything has germinated, not all the seeds that I planted of every type but enough to make me very happy.  I have lettuce, radishes, perilla, mizuna and onions seedlings very small and fragile but green shoots none the less.  I am now preparing my list for sowing next week, broccoli, cabbage, herbs, more lettuce, spinach, kale, chard, beans, cucumber, peas and courgettes.  I will also be weeding the warm weather will no doubt bring with it an abundance of them soon!  I really hope that the frosts and snow have finished for the year now and we can look forward to the green shoots growing into wonderful food.

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  1. It is always so exciting when those first shoots appear. I was so looking forward to creating a productive garden here, but now that we have to move again, my plans are on hold...So, it is lovely to read about your garden and feel inspired x


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