12 April 2013

I have posted before about my love of simple recipes, those that use a handful of ingredients to create a tasty, wholesome, filling meal.  These recipes are often quick, or ones that need little attention for most of their cooking, I need recipes like these in our menu for those days that we have been out having fun and returned tired and hungry needing a meal as quickly as possible.  I often cook pasta on those days, in a ideal world I would make the pasta it is one of the few processed foods we eat but I live in my world where to make it would turn it into a more time comsuming and complicated meal, so bought pasta it is.  I have a few sauces I make to go with pasta that take as long to cook as the pasta itself or you simply through a few ingredients in with the pasta after it has cooked and heat it gently through.  This recipe is one of the latter and there is never any left!

Pasta, Feta and Black Olives

200g Feta
10 Black Olives

Cook enough pasta to feed those you are cooking for (the above quantities feed two adults and two small children) and drain.

Chop feta into small pieces, add to drained pasta with enough cream to coat the pasta, cook on a gentle heat until feta is melted.

Chop the black olives into three to four slices, add to pasta and serve.

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  1. I love simple recipes too, we are vegan but I think we could make a vegan version of this with vegan cheese or maybe tofu x


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