21 March 2013

So the Equinox has come and gone and still it snows.  Spring is slow to warm up this year which is probably predictable as I have been more organised on the garden front this year!  Usually at this time of a year the temperatures start to rise and I suddenly I am running around like a headless chicken trying to get seeds bought and sown.  The ground outside is still frozen and in the polytunnel it is nudging double figures in temperature (°C) on the days when the sun shines.

The seeds I sowed recently onions, radish, salad onions and salad leaves are not showing any sign of germinating I will probably need to sow again.  I was going to sow other seeds this week but with temperatures hovering around freezing I don't think there is much point just yet.  So the only thing going on my garden in the last two weeks has been that we built a new fruit cage to stop the birds eating all our berries before we can harvest them.  Let's hope the warm weather arrives soon!

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  1. Everything will catch up. We don't normally start to sow until April here. A fruit cage is a great thing x


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