02 February 2013

I have posted several times about our weekly rhythm it has been great for keeping us in balance each week.  I say has because, like so many things, it is changing and some weeks it has been non existent and has had to change at the last minute.  After months of it being the same this has really unsettled my children.  I have been giving this much thought over the last week or so, we have come to rely on this rhythm so when it stops beating I have not had alternatives up my sleeve.

We love the rhythm of regular contact with other families, of doing things outside the home.  I need to get my planning head on and talk to other families about alternatives when our original plans do not work out.  This may mean spending some time with new people and branching out to new places or it may mean spending a bit more time at home every now and then.

I found another post about rhythm that I wrote some months ago about the rhythms of our days at home.  I have been lax about this rhythm too of late so I need to bring this back into our lives too.

The last couple of weeks have felt very topsy turvey, I have not been sure of the day of the week most days.  I need to spend time thinking about pulling all these ideas into practice to bring back our much needed and loved rhythm.

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  1. When children are small you're right having a rhythm to your days is a good thing, but there can be too many places to go and people to see, time spent quietly at home is valuable too. I do hope your equilibrium is restored soon x


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