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02 July 2012

living with rain this week, I think it has rained every day in the past week but it hasn't stopped our fun.

On Monday we had our usual trip into the local town for the food shopping and library visit. We found a lovely book this week The Little Ships by Louise Borden.  My eldest is interested and looking at World War Two at the moment and this book, beautifully illustrated by Michael Foreman, tells the story about all the ships that helped out with rescuing the troops at Dunkirk, it is told from the perspective of one of the little ships.

We had our regular play date the next day, the children had their usual fun running around, playing on the trampoline and falling into muddy puddles on seperate occasions they both got absolutely soaked.

On Wednesday we joined some friends for a walk in the rain. It was not raining that hard and was really warm, so we donned our waterproofs, packed a picnic and had a great time. It was a small nature reserve and the trees were amazing, a huge variety of species. We also saw some cows with amazingly long horns.  At the end of the walk the children had great fun splashing about in the river.  It took three days to get their walking boots dry again!

The next day we had a day at home, waiting for a parcel to be picked up. I was really out of sorts all day, and finally at the end of the day worked out what was wrong, you can read about my day here. We had a fantastic thunderstorm which we sat and watched in the afternoon, it lead to a spot of researching the books on our shelves to find out how thunder and lightening is formed.

On Friday we visited our friends to the south for our weekly play date. We joined them for lunch and the children had a lovely time playing. They built a great fort on top of a platform in the garden using the sections of a compost bin! We left there to go to a friend of my eldest's birthday party.   Much playing was had and we finally arrived home very late and exhausted after a fantastic day.

Over the weekend we had a family days pottering about, getting ready for camping and watching the rain pour and pour.


  1. It's been raining constantly where we live too. It's lovely to hear that you made the most of the weather though. Rain can be good fun. xx

    1. Thank you, it is good job we don't mind the rain as we are off camping for a few days and the forecast is for more, lol!


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