01 July 2012

We seem to be deluged with water at the moment, it has barely stopped raining all week. Living, as I do, in one of the wettest parts of my country it is hardly surprising. It it strange to read on other blogs about the hot dry weather they are experiencing.

The water supply to our houses, as it is everywhere, is dependent on a good supply of rain. Our water supply does not have to travel half way across the country as it does for some towns and cities, as my village has its own spring that supplies just our village. The water that comes out of our tap has not only not travelled far but it also tastes good.

As humans we cannot survive that long without water. The amount of time depends on the temperature, your weight and many other factors. I suspect most people do not drink nearly enough water. I find that I need to drink at least five pints a day to feel properly hydrated. A headache is often a sign that we are dehydrated. I have noticed that I feel irritable when I need to drink more. It is a similar feeling to when I am hungry, but if I am not hungry I now know that this is a sign that I need to have a drink. Dry skin, dry nose, dry eyes, itchy ears are also symptoms of dehydration.

I have recently been trying to get my children into good habits and drinking plenty of water. I now only buy fruit juice and milk. They have fruit juice with their breakfast and now drink just water and the occasional glass of milk during the day. I have also started leaving a jug of water with glasses on our dining room table so that they can get their own drink if they want to. It has meant that we are all drinking much more during the day.

I have also read recently that water is an antihistamine. I was not sure of the evidence to back up this claim but from my own experience feel this is probably true. I have recently had very high levels of histamine due to a bout of Urticaria since increasing the amount of water I have drunk it has definitely helped to bring this under control. If I have a day when I do not drink much (less then five pints) my hands are much it itchier the next morning.

So how much water have you drunk today, less than a pint, maybe it is time for some more!

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