26 January 2015


...this week of...

...happiness fun in the snow at Forest School, a day out birdwatching, a weekend with my brother and partner

...sadness at over eating

...creating rows on a shawl, rows on a scarf, bird food

...reading The Making of the British Landscape by Francis Pryor and to the children The Pirates' Treasure by Emily Bearn and the tale of the Sparrow and the Tug of War.

...learning about animal tracks and poo, birds, squirrels, bird food, new songs

...thinking about festivals and traditions for February

...wondering about a friends recent behaviour and whether I should be worried about it or not

...hoping to get everything done this week that I need to before we go away

...enjoying this

...looking forward to visiting a old friend for a few days next weekend


If you would like to join me you would be most welcome, either using my headings or you own, let me know you have written a post and I will link up to it..........


  1. Nice post, I like the photo of the Robin bird, they are my favourite birds :)

    Have a lovely week!

    Llusia xoxo

  2. there is always poo learning at this house *rolls eyes* lol
    where are you off to?
    ooh thanks for the link, will see if we can catch winterwatch online.


    1. We are going to Bristol for the weekend, a city I haven't visited for many years. My friend moved there from London late last year, we have known each other since we were five years old!

      Enjoy Winterwatch ;)

  3. Gorgeous bird! We are bird lovers here too, and enjoy identifying them. Sounds like you have been tracking, always a fun time around here when we set out to follow the tracks of animals and identify them, either by their tracks or their scat.

    Enjoy your week.

  4. Beautiful robin! Have you ever dissected owl pellets? I thought of those when I read your "learning about" paragraph. It is great fun and very interesting, too. x

    1. We have dissected an Owl pellet and it was great fun. We were amazed at the volume of bones!

  5. What a great photo! Is that truly a type of robin? I only have a guide for North American birds so I can't look it up - our robins look so different not nearly as pretty (though they make the most marvellous nests). of course, I'm *wondering* if we will get to see any photos of that shawl you are knitting.... xo

    1. It is a Robin, the only one that is found in the UK. It is a probably the 'bravest' of our birds interacting with humans like no others. This picture was taken at a local bird reserve where we saw many Robins very close up. They have eaten out of the children's hand in the past.

      I will of course share pictures of the shawl, it is knitting up much faster than the last one I made ;)

  6. Oh Forest School in the snow sounds like a lot of fun! Though possibly just a tad cold!!

  7. What a lovely photo of the robin. I'm never quick enough with my camera to get any decent photos of birds, they've usually flown away before I get myself sorted.

  8. I always love your moments post. You always are learning about some of neatest things. Forest School in the snow sounds cool! You know the one I am MOST interested in of course is the shawl and scarf! Can't wait to see them!

  9. Such a lovely photograph heading up this post, really cheering :o)


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