07 November 2014


Autumn is fading.  The temperatures are falling, many trees are now bare.  The dancing of leaves is slowing, they lie still, weighed down by the recent rain, the wind ripples over their surface teasing them.  They are beginning their slow journey returning to the earth.

We remember the hot summer days behind us, filled with warmth and light, our hearth is now this provider its heat and light wrapping us up through the dark cold of winter.

A time of reflection.

Loved ones no longer with us, but always in our thoughts.  Those that have given us a country at peace, reminding us it hasn't always been thus, giving us hope that one day those in conflict will find peace.


A man rides his bike to work, it is dark.  At two metre he sees an illegal obstruction barring the way he goes in and bounces out. Wonderful strangers offer comfort.  The road to recovery will be long.  My family breathes out, we have been spared.

May peace be with you.

Prompted by writealm


  1. Lovely reflective post;
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    No need to say more.....x

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the accident, I hope all will be well. It's at times like these when we realise how kind and caring so many people are.

  3. beautiful. i especially love the part about offering strangers kindness :)

  4. Keeping you all in prayer, you know where we are if you need to chat or need help xx

  5. I know very well the feeling to be spared. A lovely, thoughtful and meaningful post. I love how the tree looks to be falling, too. : ) xo

  6. Happy to read that you have been spared the worst, but sad that you and yours have not been spared the anguish of knowing someone you love is suffering x


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