30 June 2014


...this week of...

...happiness being back at home, my veggies surviving me being away for a week, sleeping in my own bed, a fun evening with a group of teenagers

...sadness hearing someone say they are terribly lonely

...creating to do lists, rows of knitting, ideas in my head, a very messy house

...reading an intriguing book, Nowhere People by Paulo Scott, to the children A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond and these picture books* 168. Little Red Riding Hood by Mandy Ross, 169. Honestly, Red Riding Hood was Rotten by Trisha Shaskan, 170. Why Monkeys Swing in the Trees by Claudia Lloyd

...learning about addition, birds, habitats, maps, myths and legends

...thinking about oak trees for forest school

...hoping to finally have the time to tidy my house this week

...looking forward to time a home this week to rest, tidy and give the garden some attention

*as part of the 300 Picture Books Challenge


  1. Glad your veggies survived whilst you were away. We go away on Saturday and I'm already panicking about leaving everything. I've got garden helpers who will do what needs doing in the garden but the allotment will have to fend for itself while we're gone.

  2. Sleeping in your own bed after being away is always such a pleasure, isn't it?
    As for finding the time to tidy... I'm the same at the moment. Finding the energy would be a good thing too!
    Sarah x


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