27 February 2013


This week I have cast on a new project, one that is more portable than the Jacket I am knitting using a cone of wool.  The new project is another knit for me, after knitting presents for other people for six months of last year I am concentrating on myself at the moment.  This is a cardigan, I am using this Rowan wool in the shade sage which looks nothing like the colour reproduced here.  I had wanted something blue in colour and could not find one I liked so I opted for this one which is a greeny blue.  It is actually a better colour than I was expecting.  I have never knit cables before and am looking forward to giving this a go.  I have found several patterns that I love on Ravelry that include cables which I would love to knit in the future.

I finished the book, Raising Girls.  It was a thought provoking read.  I liked the way he broke down the stages that girls go through as they grow and develop.  He offered interesting ideas as to what is likely to happening to girls in relation to their bodies, their emotions and the way they relate to others  during each of these stages.  It has given me food for thought.

I am now reading a very different book.  One which I bought recently in a local bookshop with some money gifted to me by a group I assessed doing their Duke of Edinburgh expedition.  I have wanted a book about foraging for a while and have been looking at various books but could not find one that I liked.  Hedgerow by John Wright is well laid out and written in a witty style.  There is a calendar at the beginning so you can see at a glance what is in season and when.  There are good illustrations showing the plants and similar poisonous ones.  It includes more than just plants you would find in the Hedgerow.  There are recipes and folklore for each plant too.  The proof of the pudding will be putting the book to use which I hope to soon!

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  1. Love that color!

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  2. I really like the color you chose..I love all blues. I have two daughters so your book sounds very interesting to me..I will have to look for it:)

  3. That is such a great color! I have trouble finding really great blues that I like. And I agree that it can be hard to find time to knit for yourself, especially when knitting makes such great gifts!

  4. Looks like gorgeous yarn! I can't imagine lugging a cone of yarn around with me, so you're right - definitely more portable :)

    Foraging, huh? Around these parts is fiddleheads or mushrooms ... and there are so many poisonous mushrooms that it's always a risk if you're not careful. Hope you have good success with it!

  5. I love the blue yarn you went with - very much my kind of colour. The pattern is wonderful, it's gone on my list! What a beautiful way to learn cabling!

  6. Enjoyed visiting your blog! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Lovely yarn colour, looks really soft too, mmmm, yarn envy ;) I've been looking at my copy of Hedgerow this week too, in anticipation of spotting goodies as the earth warms up! When it warms up that it! xx

  8. What a beautiful color and sweet sweater pattern! I added it to my queue on ravelry. I hope you friend me on there - Lydiajw!

  9. I found Raising Boys very interesting a few years ago (my boy is now 21!).


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