28 February 2013

We have had several days of unbroken sunshine this week, spring is most definitely on the way.  As it has been gray and cloudy so much of late we have felt the need to be outside as much as possible.  We woke today with a plan to go for a walk but could not decide where.  Whilst pouring over maps at breakfast our eldest piped up what about the walk we did with Gran and Granpa alongside the lake?  We all agreed it was a great idea and made some lunch, packed our rucksacks and off we set.  The plan was to walk alongside the lake and get a boat back to the car.

The lake was like a millpond, the sun was really warm and the sky all blue. We stopped often to drink and eat and made a hot drink with the Kelly Kettle to have with our lunch.  We saw lots of birds including buzzards, wren, robin, chaffinch, mistle thrush and blackbird.  We walked through many types of tree, oak, beech, silver birch and scots pine.  The ground was very firm with sheet ice in places where the sun does not reach and we found ice crystals in places. 

The last section of the walk was a bit of a race against time as we needed to get to the boat launch for the last boat of the day, it would have been a long walk back otherwise! 


  1. That looks beautiful. I have been so grateful for the recent sun.

  2. What beautiful pictures! We had a lovely day of sunshine as well, which was a welcome break from our normally rainy days. :)


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