22 December 2012


At some point in the summer I thought how lovely it would be if I could make most of the Christmas presents that we give to others.  I knew that if I was to achieve this I would need to start straight away.  So I started to come up with ideas of what I could make and for whom.  The pace was slow to start of with, probably because I thought I had months and weeks to compete my making.  About four weeks ago I realised I still had a fair bit left to make and not that much time.  I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to do some extra shopping, but the thought of heading out to the shops with hundreds of others spurred me on.

I have made five bags for children to put their pajamas and a bedtime book in.

A honey cowl, a button cowl, a hat, a pair of mittens, a dress, a felted bowlonetwothree scarves and a cardigandress and pajamas for a dolly.

Some of these were finished a while ago but had been put away not quite finished as I was always eager to get onto the next thing.  Last week I realised that I had lots of lovely gifts that were not ready for wrapping, they needed ends weaving in, blocking (shaping) and buttons sewing on all things that are important and take time, time that I was running short of.

But it has all come together they are now all finished and wrapped so why the doubt?  Well then there are the socks, pairs onetwo and three are complete and wrapped up, pair four are very near completion but pair five is still a ball of wool.  I have until the 31st to finish off pair four and knit both socks of pair five.  The reason that these are slow is that pair two is a gift for my husband, I have knitted all these socks without him knowing.  At the time I decided to make all these socks my husband was away working most of the time, since September he has, you've guessed it been around most of the time so progress has been a bit frustrated!  So come Christmas Day I will be knitting in earnest in the hope that I can get them completed in time!


  1. Beautiful gifts! Well done to you for working so hard! I hope all those gifts are truly appreciated.

    Love to you

    San xxx

  2. Your bags turned out so well. I really need to learn how to sew. Do you think these would make a good beginners project.
    Good luck with the socks and have a very merry christmas. I hope you are safe from all the flooding.

    1. The bags would make a good beginners project as they are basic seams to sew, the only 'difficulty' being the order you sew the bag up. My bags are lined which is more complicated but not difficult.


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