04 November 2012


Most of this week I have spent with my parents.  I have not been able to visit for some time as they have been in the throes of building a new house.  I was apprehensive about the trip.  My brother has moved into their old house, the family home, the one a grew up in and I had been told they had already started decorating.  The house my parents are now living in is brand new.  I was unsure if I would feel a loss of connection with such major changes.  It was very peculiar, I have yet to absorb all the changes, there is still much to be done in the new house and garden.  As a visitor I felt very transient as if I would return again and all would be returned to how it was.  Maybe over time I will feel more of a loss or, as I hope, I will feel more comfortable with it all.

The journey to my parents is long and mostly on motorways, it makes for a dull drive, put this together with my apprehension it is hardly surprising that I set off well into the afternoon.  I spent the morning doing everything but actually packing.  The house was very clean and tidy when I left!

The time we were there was spent resting, knitting, talking, playing, visiting museums, going for walks, shopping, putting up shelves, unpacking boxes.  I didn't have to cook a meal for six nights it was a wonderful rest for me.  It gave my children a chance to catch up with their cousin.

We returned home on Friday, I would not have chosen to travel on that day but my husband, who did not travel to my parents with us, was off to the Middle East for a week on Saturday so we returned home to see him.  The roads were very busy and the journey took nearly twice as long as travelling down.

So my husband set off very early on Saturday morning and we spent the day at home playing, reading and in my case unpacking and decluttering.  I also spent some time thinking about what I am going to plant in the garden next year.  Sunday was more of the same I also fitted in some sewing and a visit to the garden centre for garlic cloves to plant out for next year.

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