02 September 2012


On this day, twelve years ago, I got married.  Twelve years?  Where did that go, gone in the blink of an eye.  It has been a beautiful hot sunny day today, the hottest in weeks.  Sadly my husband has not been here to share it, he is thousands of miles away overseas.

So I did what I love best, got up and had a slobby morning in p-j's.  We all got dressed just before lunch!  We had a lovely morning sitting enjoying each others company talking, looking at books and playing games.

After lunch we met some friends to look around an exhibition of artwork from the books by the wonderful children's author Julia Donaldson.  It was lovely.  The children recognised most of the artwork as we had read or own a copy of most of the books that they featured.  We also had tea and cake together before heading home for tea (the meal kind).

For me the last twelve years have been wonderful.  I have laid roots down in a beautiful part of the world after many years of moving after leaving my family home. I have two wonderful children.  I have become a more confident, happy and contented person.  I am not constantly looking and searching for better things.  My father gave me a sound piece of advice at my wedding, stay friends.  My parents have themselves just celebrate 46 years of marriage so it is advice that I have often thought about when the going gets tough, as I am sure it is why they are still married too.

So thank you to my lovely husband for the last twelve years and here is to many more happy years together.


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