04 August 2012


We have had a fine adventure today, out on a local lake in our canoe.  We had talked about going out in the canoe at some point over the weekend but were waiting to see what the weather was going to throw at us.  When we looked last night it was not great, heavy rain showers from mid morning with thunderstorms also possible.  On waking this morning it was cloudy with the odd break in the clouds when the sun shone, and it was warm.  We decided to give it a go.  We packed a picnic, the Kelly Kettle, cups, drinks and all the canoe equipment we needed and drove to the lake.

It was lovely when we arrived, a light breeze and a bit of sun.

We loaded the canoe and set off.  It was beautiful.  We found a sun baked shingle beach for some lunch.  We found fuel for the Kelly kettle and all enjoyed a drink.

We continued down the lake in the sun.  The wind was light and in the right direction so we got the sail out and headed to the end where we enjoyed an ice cream.

As we were sitting enjoying them we heard thunder and saw lightning, there was a storm brewing in one of the valleys and it was heading our way.  We quickly put our waterproof jackets on and set off.  The wind picked up and the rain came down, it was wild.  The canoe was racing along in the wind.

The lightning was flashing and thunder was booming it started off behind us and moved round us.  We made it back to the car, we were wet on the outside but dry inside.  The sail was amazing as was the weather, all in all a great day out.

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