03 August 2012


I agreed to attend a meeting this week to help plan activities for a local Explorer Scout group.  The meeting was at a friends house in the evening.  During the day I told my youngest that I was going out after supper and that daddy would put her to bed.  She didn't seem to bothered for most of day, just answered ok each time I told her.  When I said the same thing at supper the answer changed to I am coming with you, when I told her this was not possible the answer was you're joking!  She was naturally worried as daddy putting her to bed is not what usually happens.  Every night of her life I have done it.  She only nurses at night occasionally now so I figured she was ready for the odd night without me.  She did in fact go to sleep just fine.  And me, I was so unused to spending two hours on a sofa without having to get up that I was virtually dozing off!

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