02 August 2012


We have observed Lammas this week.  This is a traditional festival to celebrate the first harvest of the year.  Our garden has yet to provide us with much in the way of produce yet this year.  The weather has been wet, which in itself should be a good thing, combined with cool temperatures.  This combination has lead to most plants growing very slowly or rotting in the damp.  I am realistic about what I grow in my garden I live fairly high up in a windy exposed village.  Tender plants are a no no even in a poly tunnel.  Plants such as cucumbers will grow in there but only the varieties that will grow outside in cooler climates.  Most of my harvest will, I hope be ready for an autumn harvest, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, kale and the like.

We have baked bread for sharing at lunch, decorated the table with meadowsweet and made an evening meal with as much produce from the garden as we could collect.  We used courgettes and potatoes along with some bought ingredients to make patties and a green salad of leaves.

Continuing the harvesting theme we have visited a pick your own this week too and picked a small amount of strawberries and some raspberries.  The strawberries have been made into jam, the raspberries will too if they are not all eaten first!

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