01 August 2012

I am joining Ginny and others for this week's sharing of knitting and reading.

On the needles this week are a hooded cardigan for my eldest.  I started this some time ago and needed to sew all the pieces together before carrying on. It is not my favourite part of a knitting project as I find I need time and space and I don't have much of either.  'Tis done, so I have picked up the stiches and am working on the hood.  The yarn is Rowan purelife cotton.

I have managed to find some time to read a bit this week which has been lovely.  I am reading Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith lent to me by this lovely mama.  It is an interesting read but I have yet to find anything in the book that I feel I will adopt in our house.  I think it would be more useful for parents who are considering home education or are looking for a different approach to their current one, but I have yet to finish so maybe I will find inspiration further through the book.   I only came across the concept of unschooling very recently it seems to me to be a strange label for education and not one that I intend to adopt, nevertheless it is interesting to read about it.


  1. I have always thought unschooling is a funny word to use, too.

    1. The trouble is I have yet to come up with a good word to describe what we do do when people ask!


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