22 July 2012


I have been using this around the house more and more over the last few months as I keep find more great uses for it. We have finally got round too buying a large quantity of it as we were getting though the small amounts we were buying really quickly.

I have been using it as part of my hair washing routine for a while and I made deodorant with it some months ago and still using my original batch. I also have been using it for some time to clean the bathroom, the tiles, surfaces, sink and bath all get a wipe with a bicarb paste.

I have now started to use it more in the washing machine instead of washing powder or liquid, a tablespoon for lightly soiled or two if more heavily soiled. I also put two tablespoons of white vinegar in the conditioner slot with a few drops of lavender oil, you could use any essential oil you like the smell of. I use lavender oils as it repels the moths. When I am not using this I use Eco balls.

It can be used in the dishwasher to make your own powder, I mix a tablespoon of bicarb with a tablespoon of borax the dishes have never been so clean.

This week I have sprinkled it on the carpet in the bathroom as it was getting really smelly. I would not choose to have a carpet in the bathroom, but it was in the house when we moved in and we have other priorities in the house. I left it on the carpet overnight and hoovered up the next morning. The smell has gone, for now!

I have also used it on a mattress that got wee on it, again sprinkled on and left all day, hoovered off, smell gone.

I have also read recently that it can be used to get oil stains out of fabrics. I have yet to test this, but will be giving this a try next time we have something with oil on it.

I started to look into making my own household cleaning products when I experienced a bout of Urticaria last year. I had no idea what you could make at home and how many products I was buying could be replaced with so few ingredients including one I already had in the cupboard.

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