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23 July 2012

We started the week with our usual trip into the local town for food shopping and a visit to the library. We found a lovely book about elephants this week and a great story sack about India.

We joined our friends for our regular play date on Tuesday. I managed to get organised to leave the house a bit earlier this week to give the children the maximum time to play with their friends. We had got a bit slow about getting out the house, often I would realise it was lunchtime, where do the mornings go, then we would have lunch at home and by the time that was finished it was early afternoon before we were heading off. The play was the usual noisy fun, running around outside, jumping on the trampoline and playing in a nearby stream.

Wednesday saw us heading to friends again. We joined them to make pizzas for lunch, which made a delicious mess. I thought that we had made a lot of pizza but it all got eaten and large pieces of homemade chocolate cake. The children played in the garden for the afternoon as the weather was dry. They were running around, playing football and chasing a chicken that had roamed in from next door and was eating the strawberries.

The next two days were spent at home. We spent much of the time building made up star wars Lego models with pieces that we have. My eldest has a few sets of star wars Lego, we decided our homemade versions were a lot better. In between we played games, read books, weeded some of the garden and started a new bedtime routine in the evening. I started to read War Horse by Michael Morpurgo to my eldest which he is enjoying.

On Saturday we got up early and caught the bus into the local town, taking a picnic with us. I visited a lovely yarn shop that I had not been to before to get some circular needles to knit a hat. We also spent time in a couple of bookshops before catching the bus back home. We spent the rest of the afternoon reading our new books and playing with Lego. On Sunday we welcomed Daddy back after a week a way. He arrived home in time for lunch, after which he spent the afternoon outside unloading and washing the car with our youngest as a helper, she has missed her dad. Another week over, it is still cool and wet, maybe that is to be our summer this year.

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