03 June 2012

We have been mainly........

spontaneous this week, with a whole week of superb weather last week,  I was sceptical that the heat could carry on much longer, by the end if the week the jumpers and socks were out again.

We started the week with our usual visit to the local town for shopping and the library. We found another lovely book this week which has been a great hit A Bus Called Heaven written and illustrated by Bob Graham.  It is about a community that is transformed by an abandoned bus found on street.  They come to together, lead by a little girl called Stella, to transform the bus into a community space.   The illustrations are beautiful, and there is plenty going on the the picture, they tell the story in themselves.  We have had another book by this author How to Heal a Broken Wing which is about a little boy who finds and cares for a pigeon with a broken wing.

We were unsure what the weather was going to do for the next day, it was forecast to be cold and wet, in the end it was hot and dry! We joined our friends for our regular play date. This time we took food to cook tea, I figured that if the weather turned wet we could bring it home and eat it there. Last week we had had such a great afternoon that we did not want to leave so we all agreed if the weather was good to bring food to cook on a BBQ. We headed to the river and stayed there to cook tea whilst the children played. We arrived home tired and happy.

We usually join friends on a Wednesday but I could not get hold of them to find out what they wanted to do, the night before. In the end they contacted me that morning and their plans sounded exhausting to me, and required a picnic, I had nothing in the house to put one together. So we decided not to join them on their busy day out and had some time at home to recharge. We had fun playing games with cars, bricks, Lego and water, not all at the same time.   I also started a new knitting project, my first in ages.  I am knitting this in a purple yarn.  When I bought the wool it was a really hot day, so it seemed a bit daft, knowing what the weather can do I am sure it will get worn before the winter arrives.

We had a early start the next day as we headed south to get on a train. We had a longish journey on a couple of trains including one underground to reach our destination. We were visiting a museum about u boats, my eldest is currently interested in the Second World War. Sadly, it was rather wet, and as some sections of the museum were outside it rather marred our visit, but it was still very interesting. I had completely overestimated the time we needed to visit the museum and a conversation with a friend the night before, saw us jumping back on a train and looking for another museum. I had looked up the nearest station before setting off in the morning but had no idea how to get to the museum from the station, and we had no map. Luckily for us it was well signed posted. Continuing the World War Two theme this was an old secret bunker used as a control centre by the RAF and the Navy.  It was really interesting and for me was the best part of the day. There were audio commentaries in most of the rooms which is ideal for children as they can look for things as they are talked about. My eldest can read but finds some museums hard work if they have a lot in written words in them. We had plenty of time to make our way back to the station for our train home. A long but enjoyable day.

On Friday we joined our friends to the south for another birthday celebration, the sun shone in the afternoon and we enjoyed tea and cake in the garden. The children had fun playing together, the boys with lego, the girls, well lets say they are still finding their feet with the whole playing together thing.

Over the weekend the house had a much needed tidy up. The recycling was taking over the kitchen and the compost bin was full to the brim. We also headed into town to top up on food, we are going away for a few days next week, but needed a little bit of food for the back end of the week. We also welcomed daddy home after another two weeks away, it is great to have him back. The weather has turned cold again, I hope my plants don't stop growing again otherwise I am not going to be eating any of my own veggies this year. I hope you have had a good week too.

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