05 June 2012

If you live in the UK, as I do, it is impossible to go anywhere with out a reminder of the diamond jubilee of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, I cannot believe that is ten years since the last jubilee. I also remember the silver jubilee in 1977 as well (have now revealed some details of my age).

There are celebrations going on all over the country over this weekend. In my village there was a party in the park yesterday afternoon with a BBQ at the village pool in the evening. I have been ambivalent about joining in with them at all. Ten years ago we avoided all the celebrations and went for a sea kayak around the Isle of Mull with a friend for the long weekend.  I have been trying to work out why I am so ambivalent.

If I said it was because I don't like large gatherings, that would not be true, as we go to a music festival every year which, whilst not large is a big gathering.  My memories of the silver jubilee are of it being very hot, and watching a black and white film of the Coronation on a big screen in the school hall I was young at the time and found this rather dull.  My mother has told me that my school had a party, I have no memory of this at all.  I have lived in my village for a number of years and whilst I have got to know people here they are acquaintances rather than friends.  I have come to the conclusion that this is the reason.  If I am to celebrate, I would rather do so in the company of friends where I can feel comfortable and relaxed and enjoy myself.  So we have joined friends for the next few days and will celebrate life as we see fit.  I hope you enjoy your celebrations whatever form they take.

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