Believe in yourself

01 May 2020

Today it is Beltane/Beltain, in the Northern Hemisphere, the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice (If you are in the Southern Hemisphere you can read my Samhein post here).   I know that the emergence of Spring is different in different parts of the Northern Hemisphere, this is written to reflect what is happening in my part of the world.

The earth energies are at their strongest and most active, everywhere we look there is colour, everywhere we listen the world is full of bird song.

All of nature is bursting with fertility, we are in the peak of the spring season, on the cusp of the beginning of the growing season.  It is a time of sunshine and rain, flowers are everywhere, birds and animals have their young, the sounds of birdsong fills the air, buds are swelling and bursting the sap is rising unseen in the trees.

See the yellow catkins cover
All the slender willows over;
And on the mossy banks so green
Starlike primroses are seen;
And their clustering leaves below
White and purple violets grown.

Hark, the little lambs are bleating
And the cawing rooks are meeting
In the elms, a noisy crowd;
And all birds are singing loud.
There, the first white butterfly
In the sun goes flitting by.

Whilst the Earth is showing us its wonderful abundance through the wonderful colours, sounds and smells, we celebrate and give thanks to the Earth for its fertility and sharing its bounty with us.  We give thanks for the air, the breath of life, We thank to the sun for beginning to warm up the Earth, bringing with it new growth and later abundance. We give thanks for the rain that brings fertility and life giving energy.

Never before has it been so important to reach out and develop our connections to our beautiful Earth.  We can be its protector in our own way.  We can be mindful of our actions and behaviours, deepening our own love and connection for the Earth, we must reach out and listen to its guidance.

As we are mindful of our actions towards the Earth now is also a time to be mindful of ourselves too.

This is a time to be conscious of your emotions and where they take you, follow your heart with its positive and loving intent. Be open to energies deep within you and within nature, bring them and your emotions outwards finding creative ways top release them. Now is the time to work out where we are and what it is we want and need, to focus our thoughts to reach our goals.  Thoughts that are focused and inspiring.

You may have an idea of something you want to achieve but does that idea take you where you want to be?

If your ideas and plans don't meet your goals then now is the time to plant new seeds and nurture them so they and we can grow strong and well.  As the Earth is warming up we too can warm up our creativity to full strength, bringing in spontaneity, expansion, self expression and growth.

We also need to be mindful with our words as well, they have power, using them wisely either with ourselves or what we say to others.

Whether they are seeds of thoughts that have been hibernating for a while or those that we have just sown we must allow them to grow and bloom.  We are all worth it, we must believe in ourselves, reach out for what it is we need and take that energy in.  There will be energy deep within you that you must engage with, be receptive to its power.  Our emotions can often get the better of us, help yourself by finding new ways to express your emotions and your deepest feelings and ways to release them.

Believe in yourself

You deserve it, it will come to you, everything is possible

I wait
The flooding of my soul
With the deep secrets of 
The Universe.
I nurse
And cherish a hope.
These moments pass
And I must look through glass
darkly a little longer
Albeit growing stronger
In the belief that one day 
I shall know
My heart will flow
In harmony with creation;
A veil will lift
And the divine gift
of understanding 
will flood my soul
And make me whole!

From Seeking by Margaret Gudemain

Our energy, our inner energy is what will carry us through this period of growth and change.  It will help us to bring our dreams and aspirations to fruition.  It will help us to believe in ourselves, that we can bring about that which we would most like to make happen.  It may only be the beginnings but if we believe in ourselves we can make it happen.


A wee reminder that I will be posting my monthly roundup of sustainable living next week on Monday 04 May, if you want to join me.


  1. It's been a beautiful spring this year with such lovely weather. It seems plants are bursting out everywhere and the trees as such a zingy green. I'm waking very early too with the dawn chorus.

    1. It is a wonderful Spring isn't it, it makes all the restrictions that much more bearable.

  2. I think this year is making us take stock and re-evaluate. We will all change a little or a lot. I am hoping that I will continue not to take simple things for granted and be more grateful for those little but important things too.
    Best wishes

    1. That is so true Ellie and definitely something I am trying to aspire to at the moment.

  3. A lovely, thought-filled post. Thank you for this. Enjoy your May Day!

  4. Just beautiful. Of course I headed over to your Samhein post ;) and it had just the right words needed for this time. The months until Solstice are my least favourite of the year and the ones I struggle with. This year I shall be doing my best to embrace their deepening darkness and since we are already staying home, using the dark to poke about in my soul. Hmmm ;)

    1. Thank you, I am glad that you found the Samhein post a comfort as you head into the time of darkness and rest.

  5. It is a lovely time of year and I think this time we are spending in lockdown is giving us the space and peace we need to re-evaluate our lives. It is a great opportunity to look at what damage we have been doing to the planet and how easily it can be rectified if we stop 'using' and doing those things that do it harm. Sadly when I saw the program this week on the fly tipping you can see that not everyone is on board or cares about saving the planet.

    1. I do hope that there is a big re-evaluation as a result of the current situation, I hold onto the hope that it will make some long term big changes to the way we all live.

  6. Just had to stop by … that photograph of the blossom is beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  7. Thank you for such a beautiful, positive post. It feels so good for me to stop and slow down and read your blog posts and helps me to feel more connection with our world and our thank you!

    1. That is so kind of you, thank you. I am glad my words help you feel more connected.

  8. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.


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