June in Photos

30 June 2016

So June, you have passed in a blur.  A blur of wonderful weather and lots of time outside.  It is the month of our favourite home ed camp, to celebrate the summer solstice, a highlight of our year.  I have once again joined in the Photo Scavenger Hunt hosted by Hawthorn Spellweaver so here are my photos inspired by words and words inspired by photos for June.


I already mentioned that we attend a get together to celebrate the summer solstice, it is a wonderful time surrounded by friends in the beautiful countryside.  We are always blessed with the weather.  On the afternoon of the longest day we always have a small ceremony at a small stone circle sited in the woods close to where we camp.  In the middle we create a small altar which is the centre point of our circle.


A little further on from the stone circle, a short walk through the woods takes you to a stunning view of the sea.  I could never tire of this view which changes throughout the day as the tide changes.  As you come out the dappled sunlight of the wood the world suddenly brightens and the colours change completely.  This photo was taken in the late evening light.  It is a truly special place.


It is rare, in these parts, for the sky to be completely void of clouds.  The hilly nature of the terrain around here ensure that they are nearly always a feature.  It is possible to forecast the weather from the cloud types, a skill that Cameron has learnt through a recently project on the weather.  Clouds may, sometimes, bring rain but they also give you the most amazing sunsets.


I could spend all day in and amongst the trees.  I have so many pictures that it was hard to choose which one.  In the end I chose one of the area of wood just above where my tent was pitched for our summer solstice camp.  It is the place I go to mediate in the early morning, a place to watch the beauty of the sea, to listen to the birds singing, to gain some peace and quiet in the hustle and bustle of camp.


I have alluded to the sea a few times all ready, so it just had to have a picture for this category.  This is the view from my place of meditation.


A place of marvel, a wonder of nature.   This was once the home to a wasp.  It lays its egg in the the fresh buds of our native oak trees.  The grub releases chemicals which causes the leaf bud to distort in shape resulting in a round green gall with a central chamber housing the grub.  Not only does it release chemicals to get the tree to build it a house it also does so to get the tree to divert nutrients for it to feed on.  By August the chamber has become more brown in colour and come the autumn it will most likely be empty, if it hasn't been opened and eaten by a predator, with a small hole from which the adult wasp has emerged.  The adults are < 2mm in length.  Next time you pass an Oak Tree look out for them, the Oak Marble Gall.


My garden is lush and fertile this year thanks to the wonderful weather we have been blessed with.  After the cold, cold summer of last year my garden looks like a completely different place.  Everything I have sown has germinated and grown into strong seedlings and in some cases good small plants.  These are my bean seedlings waiting to be planted out, they are sat patiently waiting on our wormery.  I just need to make some space for them!  I hope I continue to be blessed with good weather and haven't just tempted fate by raving about how good it has been.......


Back in April I featured a photo from my favourite local woods, a place steeped in memories for me and, I should think, a good many other people.  There are so many features about this wood that I love in particular this gate.  It is in full working order and engineered to open both ways, it serves no purpose at all as the fence boundary is long gone most likely removed as part of metal collections during WWII.  I remember the first time I came across it and wondered who might have used it, how many hands have touched it, where they were going and why.  I still ponder this each time I walk past it.  The eagle eyed will note that this photo was not taken this month!


When we first started to create our garden I wanted it to be full of either edible or interesting and unusual plants.  I forget where I discovered this particular plant, Actinidia kolomikta, but I loved that the leaves changed colour in the sun.  We planted it about twelve years ago and it is now a lovely mature plant covering the trellis it was planted by.  It provides a good shelter for the bird box attached to the back of the trellis.  Our climate means that in some summers the foliage remains a resolute green, but this summer it is a blaze of colour greens, whites and pinks.

Flower (my choice of category)

I just love these flowers, Orange Hawkweed, that have taken up residence in my garden.  I have no idea how they arrived but they are a most welcome visitor which seems to be thriving.  I love that they flower in groups and the heads open up in the sun and close when it is wet or at sunset.

So now we head into July.  A month for a family holiday which means I will be offline for a week or so at the beginning of the month.  I will catch up with you all on my return.  I am hoping to schedule some blog posts to publish whilst I am away, time permitting.........

Looking forward to all that July as to bring, including the photo prompts!


  1. Beautiful photos, enjoy your time away on vacation. Happy Summer. :)

  2. Beautiful landscapes. Intrigued by your oak gall. Ours are more nobbly in shape, while yours does look more like a marble. We have orange hawkweed in the garden, and call it foxes and cubs. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love that sky, just stunning. Have the most wonderful time away.

    Got your letter, will have one waiting for you upon your arrival home :)

  4. Such a beautiful post, I found a moment of calm in just reading your words and pondering your photos, thank you for sharing and have a lovely holiday xx

  5. A really delightful post - I've so enjoyed my wander through it! thank you - a breath of air. And thank you too for your lovely message regarding my book. Ignited my day. xx

  6. Beautiful photographs. So lucky to have so much beauty close by. I wonder how many people have opened and walked through that gate just for fun!

  7. I'm really enjoying the monthly photos and look forward to seeing the months that come.

  8. Oh what a lovely selection of photos and stories - I love that they are linked to your solstice celebrations - I will let you know July's lists asap xx

  9. What an interesting interpretation of Hawthorn's words. Love the gate but my favourite has to be the trees. I used to have Orange Hawkbit in my garden but it spread too far and too fast so I have removed it. I still like to see it but in other people's gardens!

  10. OK, I think I'm in overload this morning with all these beautiful photos from the scavenger hunt, but the stories behind each of your pics is fascinating. Think I'm stuck on dwellings as my favourites for June, but I'll remember that one, though not sure whether the oaks we have over here get that wasp. Must do a little research. Thanks. Take care.

  11. I have never heard of Orange Hawkbit ... what a vibrant flower! And I love the colours of that glorious sunset. It looks like the colours you find on a charred yet still smoldering, glowing log in a campfire. So beautiful!

  12. The photos are so beautiful. As always, I loved your interpretation of the words and your description of the pictures. Enjoy your family holiday!

  13. Such beautiful photographs. The colours of the sky are stunning. I hope you enjoy your time away. X

  14. These are beautiful photographs. Looks like an idyllic setting for a summer camp. xx

  15. a wonderful interpretation of the prompts. that sky is exquisite x

  16. gorgeous photos and how they all call out "summer is here!!" I love the sky ones the best :)

  17. Love these pictures. Your View and Sky are stunning. Enjoy your holiday.

  18. Very beautiful photographs, I really enhoyed reading this post. Enjoy your holiday! X

  19. Hello, I love the light in your photos, particularly the sunset and the trees and especially the light shining on your summer solstice altar. Looking forward to seeing your next ones :)

  20. I Loved the Story of the Wasp Dwelling! Nature is indeed a Marvel!... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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