16 February 2015

...this week of...

...happiness creating with friends, making things happen, a play in the woods, shared stories

...sadness words from a friend*

...creating peg people, bread, trousers, a skirt, some more coasters, rows on a sock and a shawl

...reading Letters to the Midwife and The Language of Others by Clare Morrall, and to the children The Railway Children by E.Nesbit, stories about hares, deers, mice and stoats

...learning about knots, mammals, mice, animals tracks, ropes, clouds, adding

...thinking about a project for next month

...wondering about organising a home ed camp in the summer

...hoping to celebrate some festivals this week

...enjoying this

...looking forward to making it to a new group this week.


* I have made peace with this now.


  1. Sounds like a well balanced week you've had there. I too am enjoying the Alaska programme but saddened to read that the mining companies are hoping to get permission to mine in one of the beautiful Alaskan areas. I am praying that they don't spil the beautiful tundra area we saw last week.

  2. Words from a friend...those can hurt. Glad you have made peace with it. A home ed camp for the summer...sounds interesting.

  3. I've read the three Call the Midwife books, I'm sure I'd enjoy Letters to the Midwife too, I shall pop it on my To Read list.

  4. wow, lots of things on the stitchy happenings. trousers?

  5. Sounds very good, not the point of sad words. ... but yes everything else sounds nice :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  6. A full busy week. So glad the hurtful words have been resolved. X

  7. Summer home ed camp sounds like a wonderful idea. I wish I could find a group doing that here, it's something only church groups seem to do and it's closed to others. My children are enthusiastic about knots too, everything is always tied up around here.

  8. I am glad you have made peace. Friendships can be so fragile.

  9. I love the idea of doing a home Ed camp, I bet that would be a hit- the kids will love that. Good for you finding peace with a friend ... not always easy.

  10. It sounds like you've had a very balanced week, though I'm sorry there was sadness to even the scale and I'm glad it's mended now :)

  11. Love when we can make things happen, good for you! Looks like you've been doing lots of creating, a few rows here and there do add up :) xo

  12. What a wonderful list... Thank you for the reading recommendation. I've never heard of the book before. Looking forward to looking into it. I'm happy the sadness from this week is behind you. Stress between friends is one of the worse feelings. Live today right?

    Wishing you another amazing week.


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