12 January 2015

...this week of...

...happiness a quiet week setting back into our rhythm, reigniting fires and passions, my new diary which keeps all my planning in one place

...sadness at misunderstandings (which thankfully have resolved themselves now)

...creating the beginnings of a felt horse, a coaster and some trousers, rows on a sock, scarf and cardigan, Galette des Rois

...reading The Old Ways by Robert MacFarlane and to the children The Great Escape and The Pirates' Treasure by Emily Bearn, The Feast of One Hundred Camels and the Dinner of Smells for Mawlid al Nabi, Story of the Tree and Baboushka for Twelfth Night

...learning about solar and lunar calendars, mawlid al nabi, muslim months, twelfth night, origins of old hedgerows, old lanes and footpaths, wolves, incas, pharaohs and gods, dinosaurs, letters

...thinking about a visit at the end of the month to see an old friend who has recently moved

...wondering if I have already said yes to too much in June

...hoping to make some bird feeders this week

...enjoying this

...looking forward to my first orchestra rehearsal of the term


If you would like to join me you would be most welcome, either using my headings or you own, let me know you have written a post and I will link up to it..........


  1. What a lovely post. It is so lovely getting settled back into your rhythm, isn't it? There will be bird feeders here this week too. Your learning sounds wonderful, so much goodness. And already worried about June planning...oh no!

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Ah yes June it seems a long way off..........we have an annual summer camp to celebrate the solstice with friends and I have been asked to do two assessments for the duke of edinburgh award very close to the date. I will have to make sure I keep the weeks before and after free!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Agnes Obel...amazing. I have never heard of her before. Thanks for the link. I hope you have a wonderfully, peaceful week!

    1. Thank you. I too hope you have a lovely week. Enjoy Agnes Obel she has other beautiful songs :)

  3. Doesn't the quiet feel good? I know after the rushing of the holidays it feels good to be back in the normal routine again. Have a wonderful week!

  4. I agree with Kim- lovely post- We made a few birdfeeders we call it the bird bar- they belly up every day- even a pheasant tried jumping on board!
    Love Agnes- thank you for sharing- new to me.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. lots of creating! the lunar calendar is very important in this house.

  6. Other than the misunderstanding and over-booking June, it all sounds lovely. I love the mix of things you're learning about. The Old Ways makes me think of Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series, of which I have just one chapter left to read to my kids. How cool it would be to walk some of the actual Old Ways. Happy Week!

  7. Lovely post! And you have so many projects on the go! It's nice to find a rhythm again after the busy holiday season :)

  8. So many wonderful moments... Thank you for the musical link. I didn't know her, I've been enjoying her music. The "having said to many yes in June" stuck a chord. I've been working so hard at learning to say no. So hard isn't it?

    Wishing you another amazing week. xo

  9. How interesting it would be to learn about the origins of the old hedgerows! I hope you will enjoy your first orchestra rehearsal coming up :) xo


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