06 May 2014

A couple of months ago I won a giveaway hosted by this lovely blog.  The giveaway was for three farbenmix patterns, so imagine my surprise when I received the parcel and it contained not just three patterns but two bolts of material and some trimmings!

My youngest was really excited we looked at the three patterns and decided I would make the Roxy first.  The instructions were a little on the scant side but I found a great tutorial to use, despite this I managed to cut two pieces out incorrectly, an auspicious start!  So despite carefully reading through all the notes about the sizing of the pattern and seam allowances I have sewn up some of this dress and found it does not fit.  The pattern suggested that if you child is more solidly built to choose a bigger size as the pattern tapers at the waist.  My daughter is four, nearly five and is very tall, I measured her and her chest size matched the sizing for age five to six on this pattern but as she wears mostly age seven to eight clothes I decided to make that size.  So it fits fine at the waist but it is at least two inches too narrow under the arm and at the neckline even with a seam allowance sits part way up her neck.......I have now come to a halt as I don't have the sewing skills to adapt this.  My mum is coming to visit at the end of the month so I am hoping she can help me rescue this disaster.  For now it is hanging in her wardrobe looking a little forlorn.

After that effort I needed to make something that did fit.  Earlier in the week we had visited the haberdashers in town to buy some elastic for the sleeves for the disaster dress and my daughter had noticed some lovely purple fabric and asked me to make something for her with it.  I had a pattern in mind and got her to choose some bias tape to go with it.  So after hanging up the dress I switched to a better, for me, pattern.  I whipped this skirt up in two hours start to finish and she loves it.  She wanted it quite long so I am hoping it will fit her for a good while.........I used the tutorial written up by Laura on her lovely blog sew.knit.grow.  I can see myself making more of these in the future.  Thank you Laura for restoring my faith in my sewing abilities.

I thought I would leave you with the wee tableau I found adorning my sewing box when I went to get it from my daughters' room.........

Oh, and linking up as usual with Nicole.........


  1. I am always amazed at the MANY things that you create! Your sewing is lovely!

  2. Oh....your skirt turned out beautifully. I am so glad the tutorial was reasonably easy for you and that you would consider making it again. Thank you for linking it back to me, as I love seeing the fabric choices that others use. I am still hopeful for my second shot at that fulled bowl of yours....bad choice of yarn on my part.

  3. You have been busy, beautifully made. And a lovely collection of little Lego people so carefully set out.

  4. What a shame about the dress, I hope your mum can rescue it when she comes to visit. You've done well with the skirt though, a beautiful job, and I love your daughter's choice of fabric. How I miss finding little scenes around the house made from Lego and Sylvanians now that my children are grown.

  5. Oh! It is so frustrating when you do the careful planning and the sewing still does not turn out right. I am happy to see that you made a sweet little skirt in spite of yourself. Lovely work!

  6. That skirt is beautiful - do you think it could be adapted to adult size?
    Hope your mum can help to fix the dress.
    Just finished my first sewing project and am itching to try something else - I'm finally starting to get along with my machine!!!

  7. look at all your lego people... my kids would go nuts for those!

  8. The skirt is just absolutely wonderful! And the dress looks lovely as well (even if it was more than a tad troublesome!).

  9. I've had my share of sewing fails, so I feel your pain!


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