31 March 2014

...this week of...

...happiness the sun on my face, finding a new nature reserve near where we live, a Jacobs Join Dinner with friends, a trip to a wonderful free museum

...sadness that my nephew is still really unhappy

...creating bag, biscuits, an adaptation to a cardigan pattern

...reading Awakening by William Horwood, to the children Cherry Time at Bullerby, and these picture books*, 85. Cookie and the Secret Sleepover by Mandy Archer, 86. Shopping by Jess Stockham, 87. Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson, 88. I Want to Win by Maria Papyanni, 89. Ginger and the Mystery Visitor by Charlotte Voake, 90. The Jungle Run by Tony Mitton, 91. Christopher's Bicycle by Charlotte Middleton, 92. Christopher's Caterpillars by Charlotte Middleton

...learning about fossils, dinosaurs, digestion, rocks, caterpillars, recycling

...thinking about a friend who is away from her children

...wondering if I can make a dress for my youngest using one of her own dresses as a pattern

...hoping to get the door frames sanded and painted this week

...looking forward to a bike ride with the children

*Joining in with 300 Picture Book Challenge


  1. The sun shining is indeed happiness. Hope things work themselves out for your nephew. It is hard seeing those we love in pain. Yay for bike rides. I found the cutest bike, complete with basket. I am going to stop of my way home and try to haggle a good price! We shall see. Have a great week.

  2. Really sorry to read about your nephew, it is so hard watching those we love struggle. I hope whatever is troubling him can be resolved soon.

    Hope you have a good week ahead.

    San x


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