07 October 2013

...this week of...

...happiness finding some blackberries when out foraging, a walk in the woods, listening to the children playing together, a free supply of apples.

...sadness at my father in law I cannot get my head round what is happening, the police visited this week.

...creating lots of preserves, leaf prints, a railway track with town, a wild flower posy, a wristwarmer, a lining for a hat, apple and cheese cake.

...reading Free to Learn

...learning about trees, making fruit leather, snakes, dinosaurs, vitamins and minerals, reading maps.

...thinking about my father in law.

...wondering what to do on Wednesday.

...hoping to get a few knitting projects properly finished off this week they have been off the needles for ages.

...looking forward to a local wool event at the weekend!


  1. Really hope and pray that whatever is going on with the in laws, can be sorted, it must be hard you living so far away.


    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts, his health has declined rapidly and he has a very poor prognosis. The situation is changing by the day and not for the better, it will only be days, maybe hours now.

    2. So sorry to read this, will continue prayers that despite the awfulness of it all, there will be peace.

      Hugs xx

  2. I am sorry to read about your father in law. My best thoughts for you in a hard time!


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