04 October 2013

We have been making a few more pieces for our autumn seasonal table this week to add to the pieces we made last week.

The fabric mâché bowl has now dried and been trimmed around the edges.  We are using it to store our finds from walks so far we have conkers, ash keys and three types of acorn from English, Sessile and Turkey Oak trees

We have successfully felted the little knitted bowl that I made.  I have made one of these little bowls before with a 100% wool yarn which felted fine, this time I used a yarn which contained 20% silk and was not sure if it would felt successfully.

I made two mice using a pattern from this book.  They are in the autumn section of the book but I suspect they will stay on our table all year round as they are a feature of our lives all year round.  Last winter we went away at Christmas and New Year and they moved into the house, in Spring and Summer they busy themselves eating as much of what we grow as they can.  We live on the edge of a village, surrounded by fields so it is hardly surprising.  The pattern suggests using beads for eyes but we did not have any of the right size and shade so I made french knots with some embroidery thread and I think they work fine.

We also made some little toadstools using acorns and and idea from here.  We painted the acorn tops red and added the white spots when it had dried.  The tops were glued to acorns, we chose narrower ones to give them a toadstool shape.  We had to sandpaper the bottom of the acorns to get them to stand up.

The leaves in our little tree were knitted using a pattern from here and we made the little acorn people at a friends house they were inspired from this delightful book.


  1. I love those cute little mice! :)

  2. How wonderful. The little mice are so cute! I found a tiny (live) one in the chicken feed this morning.
    I've posted the recipe for the almond and mint pesto, just after your comment on my blog.
    Hope you are having a happy monday, it's a glorious autumn day here.

  3. Now those are CUTE!


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