11 August 2013


Joining in with Taryn for her heartfelt Sunday tradition.

A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

This week I have been grateful for...

...being home again after time away.

...our wonderful neighbour who tended to our garden whilst we were away.

...more meals cooked by family and friends it is lovely to have a break from this for a while.

...meals cooked with vegetables from our garden.

...the view from our house.

...our garlic harvest.

...a friend inviting us to join them on a day out which was great fun.

...having time to knit my first Christmas present, I know it is early to start but I will get them all made in good time if I start now.


  1. Glad you've had a break, but it is always good to come home. Especially when there are home grown vegetables! I always love to see how the garden has progressed after time away. Hope you have a good week.

  2. You are smart to start your holiday knitting now! It sounds like you had a great week and that you have a very kind neighbor, too.

  3. Lovely things to be grateful for x

  4. I need to get started on my holiday gifts as well---it sneaks up quick, doesn't it?
    I hope this new week is full of wonderful things to be grateful for as well. :)


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