15 April 2013

This has been a week spent with my parents who have been staying with us.  We had our usual trip into the local town to start the week but every other day has been different.  On Tuesday we travelled to a town up just south of us and visited an art gallery.  I have never taken my children to one before, this one was small and had a bag of activities that children could do as we walked round.  They enjoyed most of it but had had enough by the time we had walked round the whole gallery.  We had taken a picnic with us and we ate it in the park before returning to the car along a river running through the town, we also found a cafe for a drink to warm us all up.

Wednesday we spent the morning at home before heading out to an old mill.  The mill was used for weaving cloth in the past, and has now been developed into a museum, exhibition and a place for crafting.  There were many many small workshops with folks selling their beautiful creations most of which were made on the premises, quilts, felted objects, knitting, woodwork and pottery.  On one floor there were two very old powered looms which are still in use and there are demonstrations there each weekend.  On another floor are human powered looms which are used by volunteers who weave their own projects, some of which were for sale, and talk to all visitors about what they are doing.  There was a place on this floor where you could have a go at weaving which my children loved.  There was also a cafe which we had to go and test!

The next day we visited the grounds of a local castle which are being slowly renovated after sixty years of neglect.  I have been visiting regularly over the last six months and it is wonderful and amazing to see the changes each time.

On Friday my parents stayed with until after lunch before heading off to spend the weekend with my brother.  We had a quiet day at home after our rushing around here there and every where over the last ten days or so.

Over the weekend we visit a friend who had a nasty fall about ten days ago and broke her wrist.  She had to have it operated on, to have pins inserted, the day after the fall.  When it was checked a week later the pins had not done anything, so she had to be operated on again and have a plate fitted.  She was looking and sounding a lot better than when I saw and spoke to her earlier in the week when she had had to go back into theatre for her second op.  It will six weeks before the plaster is off which I know will drive her mad by the end.  On Sunday we pottered at home, it rained most of the day which was wonderful for the garden which was becoming a bit dry.  We are looking forward to getting back into our usual routine and rhythm this week.

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