23 March 2013

My youngest loves reading books about fairies.  We found this book in the library a while ago and have had it out on loan several times in the past few months.  She knows the words well but always finds new things in these wonderful pictures.

Fairy Shopping by Sally Gardner takes you on a journey along a street, in and out of shops, through a market, a pause in a cafe and ends with the shops shutting and it's time to go home.  It is a treasure trove of delights, each picture tells a story in itself.

It is book that I expect we will have out on loan time and time again and I will be looking out for a secondhand copy in any bookshops I visit as it, sadly, no longer appears to be available new.

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  1. I think my childen would love the detail in that too, I will see if our library has it x x


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