14 February 2013

On Sunday it was a new moon, so our Tuesday friends organised a day for us all to celebrate Imbolc.  We started the day making some food to share, in our case gingerbread stars.  We use the recipe from Baking Bread with Children and they are always delicious.

On our journey to meet up with friends we met a serious accident that had closed the road.  We had to turn around and travel almost back to our house for an alternative route, it felt like an auspicious start.  Luckily we were not too late and we joined everyone making Brigid Crosses, these are a representation of the all seeing eye of Brigid watching over you for the year.  I had one of these as a child that an uncle bought back from South America, it is wonderful how traditions are so similar around the world.  We all sat round the table creating our crosses and sharing the food that everyone had bought.

With our crosses complete we went outside and lit a fire for us to celebrate the awakening of the earth, as spring approaches.  It has felt in the last week or so that spring is not far away despite the cold and snow there is a freshness in the air and little green shoots are starting to show.  We danced, sang and beat our drums to awaken the snake, or the earth ready for the spring.  We burnt our winter greens that had been in our houses since the solstice.  It was a lovely celebration with friends.

Joining in with Friday's Nature Table a sharing of all things nature related.


  1. That sounds like a lovely day, the crosses look as if they'd be therapeutic to make, I had seen them before but never knew what they were for x

    1. They were therapeutic to make. I remember making them as a child and enjoying it.

  2. What a lovely way to celebrate the Sabbath! I've got to di more with my children for the smaller holidays. I love all the things you did.

  3. Such lovely photos, full of spring activity!


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