09 February 2013

Well not really as it is February but Glamping to me.  Glamping is glamorous camping, for those who  do not want forego their luxuries.  Camping and February in the UK are probably not two words that many would put together.  Staying in a tent with children at this time of year is not something I am ready to contemplate at the moment ( I lived in a tent for ten months starting at the beginning of February with snow on the ground).  I was looking for self catered accommodation and stumbled on a rather lovely looking camping pod, a wooden tent, that was open in February.  So for three nights this  week this is where we were staying.

It was not really Glamping as you had to go outside to cook, but when the sun is shining and you are protected by the wind it was really warm.  OK I was wearing a hat and coat, but it is winter!  I did eat my breakfast outside on two mornings when the sun was warm on my face it was wonderful.

So if you want a cheap self catered accommodation near York, this is your place.  It is cosy if you are two adults and one child or one adult and two children you will be fine anymore and I think you would find it too small.

I will post about our adventures and trips out in York another day.


  1. That looks lovely, look forward to hearing more about your stay.

    It is funny as when my partner first said the word 'glamping', I thought that he had made it up, he assured me that he hadn't!

    x x

  2. Aw, looks like you had a lovely place to stay.


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