16 January 2013

On the needles this week is another part of the jacket I shared last week.  That piece was the back which is now complete and this is one of the front pieces.  Progress is fairly slow for many reasons, one is that I have been knitting less this week, after my constant knitting for Christmas I am slowing down a bit for a while.  Another reason is that I have been reading more.

I have read a whole book in a week.  If this is something you achieve regularly then you may think it odd that I am claiming this as an achievement, but I simply cannot remember the last time I read a book in a week since becoming a mother.  I have started to read something very different this week.  The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein is a sobering read, it is a take on the economics of disasters and her belief that many people are exploited as a result time and time again.  I have read another book by this author No Logo about the rise and power of brands in our society.  I really enjoyed it and hope I enjoy this one too.

What are you knitting and reading this week?  Joining in with Ginny for this weeks sharing of knitting and reading.


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I too would feel pleased if I finished a book in a week, since becoming a mum! I have read No Logo, but not een this one before, it looks interesting.
    x x

  2. ooooh. that book sounds really interesting. i am going to have to check that out for sure.

  3. It's great when you find a book like that. I've just started a novel called The Rules of Civility. I'm only a couple of paged in but it looks like a good read.

    Gillian x


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