26 October 2012

I have masses of this at the moment, it is growing in my garden and I had some delivered in my veg box.  I also still have a glut of courgette despite the fact that we are experiencing regular frosts ( they are warm and cosy in the poly tunnel).  I searched through all my recipe books to find something that I could cook with both and found nothing, a search in the net was also to no avail, not one to be stumped by such things I made something up.  Lasagne.  I did not write down the quantities so I leave you to decide I was feeding one adult and two small children there was a fair amount left.

Courgette (I used about 300g, I think, it was a section of a large one)
Kale (I used about 400g)
Ricotta approx 125g
Feta approx 100g
Soft Goats Cheese approx 100g
Oil/Flour/Milk to make a white sauce
Mustard 1tsp
Grated Parmesan
Lasagne Sheets

Chop the courgette into bite sized pieces and cut the big stalks from the kale leaves and shred.  Steam both vegetables until soft (courgette) and wilted (kale).  Drain water and put the veg in the pan.

Mash the ricotta, chop the feta and goats cheese into small pieces and mix with vegetables.

Put oil and flour into a pan and mix into a paste.  Add milk gradually until mixed.  Put on gentle heat and stir occasionally until starting to thicken, add mustard.

Put half the vegetable and cheese mix in a dish and spread to make a flat layer.  Top with lasagne sheets and some of the mustard sauce.  Repeat and cover the sauce with a thin layer of grated Parmesan.

Cook at 180°C for about half an hour.

You could use any combination of cheeses to make this, and change the vegetables with the season.

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