19 August 2012

I have just spent a weekend in the company of eight teenagers.  My family and two friends took this little group to Derbyshire to camp and do some climbing.  We had a wonderful time and as always the young people were engaging company.  I know that my own children are a long way off being teenagers themselves, but I do like being around them.  

These young people are part of a local Explorer Scout unit.  They join at fourteen and leave at eighteen.  It is great to see the changes in them over this time, how they grow to be comfortable in their own skin. How they blossom and become more confident.  Teenagers these days, as always, get a bad press.  There seems to be little positive writing about this crucial time in life, when we are changing and getting ready to move on in the world to pastures new.  Well I think they are great and will continue to volunteer my time.

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