24 August 2012

We are off to a music festival today and we are all really excited.  We have been going to folk festivals for years before we had a family and have carried on going since the children were born.  They love themtoo.  We try to choose ones the are family friendly and have the camping and music all on one site.

We went to one really locally to us for years but sadly it has stopped now, so we have been trying different ones each year to find one that we would like to attend every year.  Hopefully this will be the one.

We bought the tickets in April which is feels like ages ago, it has come around really quickly.  The programme arrived this week and we have been reading up to find out what is going on.  The weather forecast is for lots of rain which could make it interesting.  I hope it lives up to our expectations.


  1. That sounds great! We've yet to find any near us: the bigger festivals are way too expensive for us. Hope you have a lovely time despite the weather!

    ps I really hate those captcha 'prove you're not a robot' things: i'm human, honestly! just failed it 3 times!! :-)

    1. There are loads of small festivals around now but I usually hear about them after they have finished! I would keep looking, hope you find one.

    2. Didn't realise I had set up those awful prove you are a human thing, sorry! Hate them too, hope I have switched it off now.


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