16 August 2012

Laughing can be a wonderful tonic and pick me up, I was reminded of this today by my youngest.

I have been really busy over the last week or so and am starting to feel as if I am chasing my tail, couple with three nights of little sleep I am feeling a bit jaded.  I often find that being very busy goes hand in hand with not sleeping so well.  It is usually worse if I get woken during the night, which happens two or three times a week still, I find it really difficult to get back to sleep.  I realised some time ago that there is a connection and try to ensure that I do not get ridiculously busy.  I have failed on this front at the moment.  Over the next four weeks I have planned too many things close together which require masses of preparation.  I know that I will have a great time and am really looking forward to them all, but they have all come at once.

This morning feeling half a sleep, I had a shopping list to write and two important phonecalls to make.  One of these ended up being a message left on an answermachine and a lengthy email.  It was made more difficult by the fact that I had asked my husband, who is at home today, to ensure that I was not disrupted.  Needless to say that I was, having a conversation on the phone whilst being interupted by a three year old is pretty impossible, especially one where you need to really concentrate.  It took me all morning and by dinner time I was feeling exhausted.

After dinner the whole family headed into the local town for an extra shopping trip for food for this weekend.  As we were getting in the car my youngest was unable to open her car door and pulled the funniest of faces as a result.  We could all see her and simultaneously all burst out laughing.  I was concerned that she would be upset and think that we were laughing at her for not being able to open the door, but after my husband opened it for her and heard us all she joined in and said 'I am so funny aren't I?', which set us all off again.

It was just what I needed I felt much lighter for the rest of the afternoon and got a lot more done than I thought I would.

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