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30 July 2012

We started the week with our usual trip into the local town to do the weekly food shop and visit the library. The school holidays have now started where we live so everywhere was much busier this week. I think I will try and leave a bit earlier for the next few weeks, the library was manic the children found it difficult to choose books in all the noise and hubbub.

The next day I was woken by my youngest reading stories to me from one of her books. She was doing it quite quietly and it was lovely to lie and listen to her. We joined our friends for our regular play date it was mizzling (very fine rain, much finer than drizzle) so you got wet quickly if you ventured outdoors. Nevertheless my youngest still spent most of the day on the trampoline. I am not sure what my eldest was playing as I did not see him for most of the day, he was however filthy when I left. He stayed behind for a sleepover and the youngest and I headed home. It was strange in the house without him for the evening.

He returned to us in the morning with his friends. They stayed for a short play and had lunch with us before heading home. We spent the afternoon building Lego boats before heading over to join friends for tea. Their little one, had started to toddle it was great to see him standing up. He makes my youngest look like a giant. She is usually the smallest in groups we meet so I am used to her being one of the shortest.

We joined friends the next day at their house. We took food to share for lunch and afterwards they played. The afternoon disappeared very quickly in play including getting very wet with a hose pipe in the garden and my youngest played us some music on their piano.

We had a day at home the next day my youngest had a lovely day singing for most of the day. We built models with bricks and K'nex.  We danced and played musical instruments along to music.  We got the paints out and did some painting.

Over the weekend the children and I attended a Steam Gathering which was an interesting day out.  We took a picnic and spent most of the day there.  We were tired when we got home.

For most of this week my husband has been at home finishing the bed he is building for our youngest.  It is a cabin type bed,  he built the frame, the base for the mattress and the ladder some months ago.  Underneath we were intending to build storage for her clothes, books etc and a desk.  This is what he has been building this week, it is looking great. 

On Sunday he had reached a point where we could start to move stuff into the under bed storage area.  The room is the biggest bedroom in the house and has been used as a dumping ground for the last nine years.  There was a lot of stuff in the room that needed a home.  By the end of the day we had had a huge sort out.  All my youngest's clothes out of the chest of drawers are now in baskets on shelves.  The chest of drawers is going to a new home.  The toys that were in pile on the floor most of the time also now have a new home in baskets.  All my sewing stuff is in this room and has now been rehoused in another chest of drawers along with all my wool which I collected from various places in the house.  We went through a huge box of tapes and recycled all the ones we no longer wanted.  We moved books, a dolls house and toys from a set of shelves to shelves under the bed.  The shelves have been put into my eldest's room and given him more storage room, the floor is clearer now!  By the end of the day we had five bags full or stuff to go to the charity shop, two bags to go to my sister in law and a further two for friends.  The room feels much bigger and better organised.  The cupboard needs a door, that is a job for next week.  Then I need to find some material for curtains.  The de-cluttering and tidying was a great end to the week.

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